Giving Back

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Borneo Bag's profits go toward: Education, Food, Family Income, Healthcare, Flood recovery and Child Welfare. 
Our current involvement:

Life can change in an instant. Samantha and her mother Supang have just made the journey into town from their jungle home in need of specialist treatment. Supang has high blood pressure and a heart murmur; the chances are she will need to go to the hospital in Miri or Kuching. We have assured her that Borneo Bags will do all we can to support her. Supang’s mother, Bulan, also weaves for us, three generations of women generating income and keeping the art of weaving alive.

Supang in better health Supang's Dr in the local township


A great man passes on. This year has seen the sadly rapid decline of Samantha‘s grandfather, Sot Anuh, due to kidney problems. Borneo Bags were able to support him for the last few months providing a comfortable bed, medical advice, and other targeted help. He died peacefully in February.


Wheelchair bound. Tipong has been an old friend of Jackie's from 2007 since he carved her a beautiful walking stick. His wife, Kiki, also wove bags for their own use. Unfortunately she has had a stroke, has been left partially brain damaged and is now paralysed from the waist down. 

( photo above) Tipong, Kiki and the Pastor praying for the family.

Kiki is doing her best to overcome the effects of the stroke that has laid her so low. Her family are doing all they can to keep her company and to bring her favourite foods to help rebuild her strength. We have managed to employ Kiki’s daughter to weave for Borneo Bags to help generate extra income.



Supang, holding up a new pattern of hers.

Supang's daughter Samantha and her daughter Hanna modelling their beautiful designs.

Gathering traditional rattan in preparation for weaving.

Home is often a basic wooden platform raised from the jungle floor.


 Traditional rattan being woven into large carry bags