Bulan's Challenges

Bulan's Challenges

In the 20 years, I have known Bulan I have seen her decline from a happy, semi nomadic woman to a rather lost and lonely widow. 

She weaves for us still, the yoga bags are her speciality, but failing health has seen the loss of many faculties. She was recently rushed to hospital with diabetes, high blood pressure, a shadow on her lung and various complications.

Staying in hospital in Sarawak is expensive as relatives are required to support and feed you; they also need somewhere to stay and some means of support.

On leaving hospital Bulan fell and broke her leg. Unfortunately we feel she is not strong enough to undergo an operation at this time and the relatives are searching far and wide for remedies from the rainforest they feel sure will help her.

The logging that has occurred in their region makes this quest hard to fulfill. Palm oil plantations are taking root; I witnessed it firsthand last year. The measly compensation of $4000 for the whole settlement is nothing compared to their loss of livelihood.


I fear there are difficult times ahead for Bulan and her kin, but we are here to walk this journey with them. Every purchase you make reaps real rewards, helps us to help them 


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