Don't get caught out! - Reusable Shopping Bags

Don't get caught out! - Reusable Shopping Bags

🌎 Plastic waste is one of our generations greatest environmental challenges. I’m sure we’ve all witnessed gutters filled with plastic bottles & beautiful beach scenes strewn with plastics. One particular image that really hit hard is of the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’, literally a floating plastic island - three times the size of France and the world's biggest ocean waste repository!    

🛑 Since October ’22 New Zealand has been phasing out the production of many ‘problem plastics’ that ultimately find their way into our waterways & landfills. Plastic cotton buds, straws, eating utensils to name a few, will no longer be available. We're officially the world's first country to phase out single-use produce bags, (as of July 2023) we did it New Zealand!  

🤔 There's no quick fix to the plastics problem because it does require changing individuals' behaviours and habits, I believe we’re all guilty of forgetting to pop our reusable bags in the car prior to groceries - I find the best way is to just leave them in there all the time!  

💪 Don’t be afraid to load up your Borneo Bag with your groceries, they are extremely durable so chuck those cans inside!  

Let’s work together to make New Zealand's 'clean and green' image a reality, not just a tagline!  

The 'Great Pacific Garbage Patch' scary reality of where are plastics are going 😔 

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